Your Complete Web Solutions


Web Based

Cross Platform Development
Web based application enforces Cross Platform environment such that you can access your bussiness throughout the globe anytime anywhere. Device independent nature is another beauty of this type of applications
Online and Offline Access
Auto Sync
128 / 256 bit SSL Security
Digital Certificate
AMC Important
PHP, MySQL Development
1 to infinite Device Access


.net Based

VB, C or C# Development
VB, C or C# based .net application is mainly for use on a partilar PC or at a home or office network. When the application is suppose to run on isolated network then choice of this type of application is encouraged. Mainly Windows Application
On System / On Network App
Mainly Windows Application
Windows Protection Sufficient
On Demand Development
AMC not Mandatory
Limited Device Access


OS Based

Windows, Linux or Android
Windows, Linux, Android or AppleOS based applications are mainly for Mobile Devices. Seperate applications are to be developed to support all kind of smart phones and tablets for different operating systems
For Mobiles & Tablets
Windows, Linux, Apple & Android
Device Based Protection
On Demand Development
AMC not Mandatory
Submit to App Stores
Benchmark Testing


Application Designing Cost Depends on the Particular Application that will be Designed. We will Discuss with You before Producing Invoice
*Prices are susceptible to vary due to fluctuation in international market and PROMOTIONAL OFFERS by WHONS. However we are committed to serve our customer with the least price possible. Ensure the exact price from INVOICE provided by WHONS.